ART LOVERS – Discoveries with textile energy

Rugs and textiles can become your friends, as you share time with them, appreciating them as objects of art. It is amazing to contemplate the talent and creativity of the people who made them. Men and Women go to their limits to fashion wonderful objects for our eyes, hearts, and minds.

Turkish Folk Art focuses on a variety of types of objects: from textiles, to wood work, to metalwork, to ethnic jewelry and animal trappings. Each item has been created with care and love. Each had a useful function in the life of the maker, whether covering floors or walls, or decorating favored animals, or used as a household item. Appreciation of beauty and craftsmanship is an important feature of the daily life of tribal people. Examples are everywhere. Rams are decorated during mating season to look more attractive to the females. Horses and donkeys are adorned with trappings on ceremonial days, and beaded, colorful tassels decorate their bodies. Everyday household objects and tools are decorated and made with care. Tribal art is a type of “love” that is very respected by the members of the community.

Vedat is checking the knots and colors of a pile pillow cover in a village of Konya

We travel from village to village and meet the inhabitants, many of whom have settled from their previous nomadic life. It is such a great feeling to see that people have valued and kept some of the items that they made years ago. It is always a pleasure to examine them and ask about those items, discussing with the makers how they fashioned and used them. Sometimes they agree to part with them, as if they feel their objects are ready to find new home. We love being part of such an “artful love affair”.

Taurus Mt. Turkmen woman // Silk spinning 90 years old lady in Taurus Mountain

Many times we are surprised how many of these artful items survive, many still in good condition. They were appreciated and taken care of. Their survival is due to the love of the artist for their art. We also love and appreciate these wonderful pieces created by unknown artists.

Safavid ruler Shah Abbas depicted in a Kerman rug – Tehran Musuem // Turkmen – Greek Drop Spindles

We enjoy finding collectors who share our appreciation of the objects we discover in our travels. Many of these objects are ones we have purchased and enjoyed in our own collection. However, there comes a time to pass them on to new owners, for new adventures. As you spend time with and study these beautiful items, we hope that you, too, will appreciate the love and personality of the artists who made them.

Fabric weaving in Muhamadiya-Nain, Persia // Kastamonu Vakiflar Museum, Vedat talking over a Konya kilim // Brocade weaving looms of Turkish Cultural Foundation