Contemporary village weavings


Here at Turkish Folk Art, we offer a wide variety of fine quality handmade semi-tribal and village rugs and carpets, as well as flat woven kilims. All these textiles now anxiously await your discovery. We try to give as complete a picture as possible of each and every piece, from their material, dyes and weaving techniques.

All of these pieces have been carefully selected because of the love and affection that the weavers have put into them, using their own creativity and individuality within their traditional methods and styles. Sometimes in these textiles we can see the personality or even perceive the mood of the weavers as they were weaving!! We can imagine how hard to prepare their material and careful they had to weave them, how from time to time they suddenly ran out of one color, and immediately had to find the next closest color for the section they had to complete.

We can also feel happiness and harmony emanating from these rugs, carpets and kilims. They transmit their own warmth, and express the pleasure of their own existence directly to us. This feeling of connection often produces a therapeutic effect on those who venture close and become captivated by the totality of their being.

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