Ethnic And Tribal Hats For Sale


The head of a person is considered the most important part of the body. It is the means to use the five senses and to affirm ones existence. It always must not only be protected, but decorated as attractively as possible, since this is where one makes the strongest impression on the opposite sex.

Caps are worn by all men, women, and children in Middle East, Central Asia, and by ethnic Turks in Chinese Turkestan. All hats are worn with a purpose. They suggest the owner’s status, age, economic standing, and political power in the society. Some are worn only at important tribal gatherings, at weddings, or at other traditional ceremonies. They always carry a meaning, reaffirming societal mores and the “Law of Community.”

The designs have important meanings. Curling rams’ horns represent the importance of sheep and goats in tribal society. Representations of flora and fauna celebrate nature and the life – giving function of plants for both man and animal – for man cannot survive without his animals. Some techniques or styles of stitching are characteristic of a certain tribe or a locale. A pattern or design can also be a family sign.

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