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Dear friends,
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Dear Turkish Folk Art,
Again, sorry to impose, however, I have what I think is a tent band, however, even looking through your very through and informative website, leaves me with no idea from where it could have originated, nor the decade.

I am sure that it is made out of cotton. The length is 88 inches. I appreciate any help you can offer and understand if not. Thank you,

Cayta Jordan – Georgia, US


Dear Cayta Jordan,

No, we do not mind sharing and telling what we know with other textile lovers. Yes, it looks like a card woven band and it is probably from 1970-80′ s or even later. It looks like it is made for tying packs and loads on animals and humans and they are called – pack animal bands. We think, yours is from the Black sea region, they also weave them in the Taurus Mountain regions in the south part of Turkey. They call them kolon in Turkish.

Here is some info about their construction – http://www.shelaghlewins.com/tablet_weaving/TW01/TW01.htm

Our best, Turkish Folk Art

Dear Turkish Folk Art,
The photos of it being woven are wonderful! I’m very interested in learning about to weave and I have never seen the tablet method before. There are even instructions! I am so thrilled!

That is so kind of you to include those in addition to all the information about this band.

I wish you continued success in your business and thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

Cayta Jordan

Georgia, US

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